Domestic Corporations & Finance Services

CCB International Wealth Management (Tianjin) Limited (“CCB International WM”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary and the strategic platform of CCB International for renminbi equity investment and management businesses in the Chinese market. Drawing on CCB and CCB International’s overall strengths in the finance and investment industries, CCB International WM create value for investors by providing target companies with value-added services related to industry and capital operations. It is on track to become a growing indsutry-focused, professional competitive, large-scale PE investment and management platform with strong brand awareness, with its operations aligned with the group’s strategic objectives. The company has established, in terms of equity or controlling interest, seven asset management firms who participate in funding the establishment of six industry funds, covering industries such as medical and healthcare, culture and media, aircraft manufacturing, environmental protection facilities, energy resources, and high-growth regional funds with regional development potential and strategic competitiveness. The management scale has topped CNY17 bn.

  • Healthcare Industry Fund

    The fund was jointly established by a group of major SOEs led by CCB International in Oct. 2009, as the first Chinese equity investment fund in the banking sector focusing on healthcare and medical businesses. Its main investors include China Yangtze Power and China Jianyin Investment Limited. The fund primarily invests in equities of pharmaceutical, medical equipment, medical service and health service companies. It is one of the first batch of seven industry funds approved by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC).

  • Culture Industry Fund

    It is the first NDRC-filed national culture industry fund recommended by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, focusing on investing in film and television and publishing businesses. CCB International played an instrumental role in the fund’s establishment in 2010. It offers a full suite of value-added services for target companies by integrating various financial, capital and cultural business resources, levering on CCB and CCB International’s professional strengths in the financial investment market.

  • Aviation Industry Fund

    Jointly founded by CCB International and China National Aviation Holding Company, the fund primarily invests in military and civil aviation, manufacturing, commercial, machinery and resource-related businesses within the Chinese aviation industry.

  • Environmental Industry Fund

    Jointly established by a group of investors led by CCB International, the fund specializes in equity investment in environmental protection companies and public-private partnership (PPP) infrastructure project management, drawing on its shareholders’ financial and industry strengths and the fund’s own professional investment management capacities. Its equity investment operations focus on environmental enterprises with core technologies, boosting their development by bringing in financial and industry resources. On the infrastructure front, it sets up PPP funds in collaboration with local governments and leading industry groups to participate in construction and management of local infrastructure facilities. Furthermore, the fund also provides clients with integrated financial solutions.

  • Wanjiang Industry Fund

    Spearheaded by CCB International, Wanjiang Industry Fund is China’s first equity investment fundestablished to focus on industrial transfer demonstration zone in Wanjiang city. Leveraging CCB and CCB International’s unrivaled financial and investment resources and its own professional management strengths, Wanjiang Fund Management Co., Ltd. has been actively involved in the establishment of local industry funds and PPP-based funds backed by local governments and private investors. It has made significant contributions to the construction of urban infrastructure, public amenities and other ‘New Urbanization’ infrastructure projects, while promoting high-growth businesses such as modern services, TMT, medical and health care, media, energy - conservation and environment - protection, new energy, new materials, modern agriculture, advanced manufacturing and consumption upgrade, as well as investment and financing on the capital market.

  • Jianyin Chuangxin Investment Fund Management (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

    Spearheadedby CCB International, the company specializes in equity investment in mineral resources and high-end manufacturing businesses, as well as the designand implementationof a broad range of financial products such as mezzanine investment, debt investment and financial consulting. Win-win results are achieved together with investors and target companies through capital and industry resource integration and long-term return generation.

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