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CCB International (China) Limited (the “Company”) manages CCB International's business in onshore and offshore capital markets and performs such services as asset management, direct investment and financial consulting. Thanks to the business platform and market appeal of the CCB Group and CCB International, the Company has grown, over the past decade and more, into a leading equity investor and PE fund manager in China. Its footprint spans new-generation information technology, new energy, high-end manufacturing, biopharma, healthcare, culture, education, tourism, consumer and other business verticals. Many of its portfolio companies have excelled in their respective sectors.


The Company operates through its directly-managed head office in Beijing, and branches in Shanghai, Hefei and Wuhan. This network pools local resources and empowers clients with regional access, group synergy, integrated services, and intellectual support.

Asset Management

Leveraging CCB Group’s resources and coverage nationwide, the Company partners with government agencies, state owned enterprises, financial institutions and public companies in economic hubs such as Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and the Yangtze River Delta, playing a part of the management of government guidance funds, industry M&A funds, venture capital funds and other PE investment vehicles, enabling investments in strategic emerging industries, execution of national innovation strategies, and cross-border M&A deals, bridging two-way investments and facilitating the real economy’s transformation and upgrading.

Direct Investment and Financing

Riding on the booming capital market in China, the Company integrates a suite of tools, including equity, debt, publicly offered bond, structured financing, and M&A financing, and finances innovative and promising clients or established industry champions, in support of their management improvement, operational enhancement, and coordinated development through organic growth and M&As.

Financial Consulting

Leveraging the diverse business lines of the CCB Group, a financial conglomerate, the Company’s financial advisors contribute their professional expertise, broker a wide spectrum of funding channels, harness viable financial instruments and consolidate them into total funding solutions. Meanwhile, multidimensional investment advice is provided on research findings, deal opportunities, transaction executions, and M&As.

Head Office Address: 12/F, CCB Tower, 3 Connaught Road Central, Central, Hong Kong
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