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CCB International Asset Management Limited ("CCB International Asset Management") is an asset management company licensed by the Securities and Futures Commission ("SFC") in Hong Kong with experience and qualifications to manage authorized fund authorized by the SFC. After years of development, it has a highly experienced and professional asset management team.


CCB International Asset Management has made remarkable accomplishments in Hong Kong and has extensive experience in asset management. Operating through its three product divisions, namely the Equity Investment Division, Fixed Income Investment Division, and Alternative Investment Division, CCB International Asset Management boasts a product offering spanning primary and secondary markets, investing in all major asset classes including public and private, equities and fixed income products. Recently, CCB International Asset Management actively develops offshore RMB business and brings in innovative cross-border RMB products. Main products being managed include unauthorized private funds, and public funds* authorized by the SFC. Investments are mainly made in diversified investment portfolios of stocks, equity-related securities, bonds, private equity and fund of funds, etc.


The Equity Investment Division, manages unauthorized private funds, and public funds* authorized by the SFC, through which they offer investors access to various investments including stocks, equity-related securities, and fund of funds, while the Fixed Income Investment Division manages products that invest in fixed income instruments such as bonds. The Alternative Investment Division designs products and structure that would satisfy the demands of investors and investees while being in compliance with relevant laws and regulations and acts as the investment manager or investment advisor to private equity funds and managed accounts.


In March 2011, CCB International Asset Management launched its first authorized RMB bond fund, "CCB International RMB Fixed Income Fund"*, which is the first sub-fund of the umbrella fund-the CCB International RMB Fund Series". The “CCB International RMB Fund Series” was among the first batch of offshore funds to qualify for the Bond Connect Scheme in July 2017.


In March 2013, CCB International Asset Management was the first Hong Kong based asset management company with Chinese banking background to obtain RQFII qualifications approved by The China Securities Regulatory Commission.


In June 2017, CCBI Global Premium Selection Fund*, being a sub-fund of the CCB International umbrella investment fund series was launched as a public fund* product, the objective of which is to seek sustainable and stable capital return in medium to long term through investing in other collective investment schemes*, providing a global asset allocation channel for investors.


Since February 2018, CCB International Asset Management has officially undertaken the development function of CCB's Global Asset Management Business Centre and has since taken a major role in promoting the development of CCB’s offshore asset management business.


In June 2019, Vontobel Switzerland issued a Strategic Certificate tracking the “Vontobel Belt and Road Index, advised by CCBIAM”. In the role as Index Sponsor, CCB International Asset Management selects and weights the respective Index constituents independently. The product is current listed in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, and Sweden.


*All the above-mentioned funds authorized by the SFC is not a recommendation by the SFC.


Disclosure on Climate Risk Management Framework


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