Investment Business

CCBI Investment Limited engages in the direct investment business of CCB International, investing self-owned funds in the equity, debts and relevant securities of listed and non-listed companies, in a bid to strike a balance between risk and return within the prudent investment framework.


The direct investment business features diversified investment channels, including equity investment in growing enterprises, PRE-IPO, PIPE investment, public and private bonds, and structured financing programs. After years of endeavor, CCB International has fostered a complete industry ecosystem, promoted an excellent investment brand, and enhanced the corporate value of the invested companies.


In terms of industry coverage, CCB International has driven its direct investment business consistent with national policies over the past few years, vigorously engaged in emerging industries such as high and new technology, Internet (mobile Internet) and biopharmaceuticals, and invested in a number of outstanding new economy unicorns. Besides, CCB International also pays attention to traditional industries such as consumer, conventional pharmaceuticals, environmental protection & energy conservation, and real estate.


In the future, CCB International will continue to keep its direct investment business closely aligned with the “dual circulation new development pattern”, and the three strategic objectives of CCB including “house rental strategy, inclusive finance strategy and FinTech strategy”, and will continue to support Hong Kong's long term prosperity and stability, and its integration into the national development. In this connection, CCB International vigorously supports investments in scientific innovation, consumption upgrade and medical service sectors and exploring in promising enterprises in internet information technology, massive consumption, mega healthcare, high-end manufacturing, and FinTech. CCB International targets to incubate and cultivate a group of enterprises with distinctive technical features, innovative business models, high growth potential and social influence.


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