Asset Management & Direct Investment

CCB International Asset Management Limited ("CCB International Asset Management") is an asset management company licensed by the Securities and Futures Commission ("SFC") in Hong Kong with experience and qualifications to manage authorized fund authorized by the SFC. Its core business mainly includes direct investment and asset management. After years of development, it has a highly experienced and professional asset management team. CCB International Asset Management stays ahead of the market both in terms of size and performance.

Direct Investment Business

CCB International Asset Management is using its own funds to invest in the equities, debts and related securities of listed and non-listed companies, and eventually exit through different channels.


Special features of direct investment including PRE-IPO, PIPE investment are plentiful product lines and flexible transaction structure. Industries for investment include traditional industries such as real estate, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, advanced manufacturing, and mining. It also includes emerging industries such as the Internet (mobile Internet), Internet finance, TMT, green energy, new materials, and new energy. In the high-tech area, CCB international cooperated with international top universities like Imperial College in the United Kingdom to support research and develop advanced technologies for data science.


In the future, direct investment business will focus on these three main themes: "China concept, capital market and growth enterprises", and continue to discover and enhance the investment in quality growth companies in industries meeting “big logistics, big finance, great culture, great health, and to encourage and foster a number of high growth companies more epitomized by the mobile Internet industry.

Asset Management Business

CCB International Asset Management has made remarkable accomplishment in Hong Kong. The Global Third Party asset management team has extensive experience in fund management. Recently, CCB International Asset Management actively develops offshore RMB business, and brings in innovative cross-border RMB products. Main products being managed includes RQFII investment products, unauthorized private funds and public funds* authorized by the SFC. Investments are mainly in diversified investment portfolios of stocks, equity-related securities, bonds and etc. In February 2011, CCB International Asset Management launched its first authorized RMB bond fund, "CCB International RMB Fixed Income Fund"*, which is the first sub-fund of the umbrella fund--the CCB International RMB Fund Series".


In March 2013, CCB International Asset Management was the first Hong Kong based asset management company with Chinese banking background to obtain RQFII qualifications approved by China Securities Regulatory Commission.


To expand the RMB asset management business in overseas markets, CCB International Asset Management successfully launched on LSE the first RQFII Money Market UCITS ETF (the "ETF") in Europe which is denominated and traded in RMB in March 2015. On June 29 2015, CCB signed a Strategy Cooperation Agreement with Euroclear, to jointly build a 24-hour trading platform for RMB products. In June and November 2015, the ETF was listed on Euronext Paris and Frankfurt Stock Exchange (CEINEX) respectively. This accomplished the deployment of the CCBI 24-hour trading platform for RMB products in the European time zone.


*All the above mentioned Funds authorized by the SFC is not a recommendation by the SFC.

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