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CCB International (Shenzhen) Company Limited (“CCB International Shenzhen”) is solely funded and established by CCB International as an important offshore IPO and bond issuance business referral platform, and a key operations platform for CCB International’s foreign investment partners and renminbi investment and asset management businesses in China.


Strategically positioned as an investment institution in the Pan-Pearl River Delta region, the company offers high-efficiency funding support and other related services, relying on the parent company’s exceptional financial strengths and powerful business network, combining its own funding sources with CCB branches and other financing channels. The firm has dedicated units for onshore and offshore direct investment, domestic asset management and transnational operations, and marketing and business development are carried out by a professional investment team, with the aim of providing clients with a full range of quality services.

Direct Investment

Direct investment at CCB International Shenzhen involves pre-IPO investment in high-quality Chinese and foreign enterprises, and post-IPO investment in listed companies in China and abroad, with the focus placed on funding major asset restructuring projects for listed companies in China and overseas, IPO-related investment deals and M&As; and fixed-income investments. Investments are conducted by various means, including equity and debt financing and convertible bond issuance.

Asset Management

CCB International Shenzhen has set up several funds including the CCB (Shenzhen) Investment Fund, and established a wholly-owned subsidiary as the fund manager. Close cooperation with Chinese financial institutions and investment organizations enables it to provide domestic companies with major project financing, M&A financing and equity investment arrangements and services through PE fund, etc. operations.

Cross-border Investment

A wholly-owned subsidiary of CCB International Shenzhen has been designated as a pilot enterprise for the Qianhai QDIE and RQFLP fund management programs, allowing it to arrange direct investment by foreign investors in the Chinese capital market by setting up RQFLP funds, and give Chinese investors access to foreign markets by setting up RQFLP funds. The subsidiary can also make financing arrangements for transnational investment projects in collaboration with Chinese and foreign commercial banks.

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