Domestic Corporations & Finance Services

A Shanghai-based subsidiary solely owned by CCB International (Holdings) Limited, CCB International (Shanghai) Venture Capital Limited (“CCB International (Shanghai) Venture Capital”) functions as a key financial service platform for the Chinese capital market and clients.

Relying on rich market resources in Shanghai, a major global financial center, and the fully developed capital market in the Yangtze River Delta, the company offers a diverse range of financial products and services for domestic high-growth enterprises, public companies, leading SOEs and large institutions – especially those in East China, with strong support from the parent company, the CCB head office and branches and sister firms.

Equity investment

Leveraging its abundant industry resources, professional capital operations and the CCB International brand, the company specializes in equity investment in high-growth enterprises – mostly startups – from the TMT, healthcare, clean energy, advanced equipment manufacturing and consumption upgrade markets. It has fostered close business ties with industry associations, industry leaders, brokerages, accounting and law firms, enabling it to provide target companies with a comprehensive range of professional services related to industry and capital market operations. Target companies have also benefitted from “investment-linked lending” and other relevant financing solutions developed by the Shanghai company with the assistance of CCB branches and sub-branches.

Capital market investment

Capital market investment businesses operated by CCB International (Shanghai) Venture Capital mainly include direct financing, private placement-based financing and M&A financing. The firm has obtained solid investment returns from private share placements by major A-share companies. It boasts unique advantages in terms of M&A financing and target selection, and has formed lasting partnerships with dozens of outperforming listed companies. It has built a database of potential M&A targets in China and abroad collectively.

Mezzanine financing

The fixed-income investment team at the company provides short- to medium-term project financing, working capital financing and bridge financing for financially-sound enterprises. The team has a proven track record of developing and innovating structural products, and effectively satisfying clients’ financing needs via mezzanine financing operations.

Asset management and financial consulting

Positioned as a third-party asset management platform, CCB International (Shanghai) Venture Capital engages third-party asset management teams to provide its clients with deal structure design, earnings estimate, risk assessment and management and fund raising services, drawing on its professional investment expertise and excellent asset and funding client resources. The firm is also fully qualified for investment and financing consulting services.

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