Domestic Corporations & Business

CCB International (China) Limited. (“CCB International China”) serves as an important platform for business operations in foreign capital markets, specializing in direct investment, asset management and financial advisory services. Through successful business development over the past decade or so, CCB International China has established itself as one of the largest equity investment and private equity fund management institutions in China, and invested in and fostered a large number of leading brands, building on the influence and broad market appeal of the CCB and CCB International.


As our Chinese headquarters, CCB International China has established a number of institutions and branches in the home market including the direct sales head office, CCB International Wealth Management (Tianjin) Limited, CCB International (Shanghai) Venture Capital Limited, CCB International (Shenzhen) Limited, Zhongnan branch, Suzhou branch and Zhejiang branch. They offer highly integrated financial services and intelligent support by “combining commercial banking with investment banking, onshore investment with offshore operations, and money market with capital market”.

Direct Investment and Financing

Based on a deep understanding of the fast-growing Chinese capital market, the company provides professional investment and structural financing services, focusing on the most innovative high-growth enterprises and industry leaders, while seizing investment opportunities arising in emerging strategic industries. By improving their management mechanisms and operating efficiency, CCB International China can create value for investors, and bring win-win results for all parties involved.

Asset management

The company is actively developing cooperation with government agencies, major state-owned enterprises, leading financial investment institutions and public companies, and provides them with a diverse range of asset management services, leveraging the financial strengths and extensive business network of CCB International. Our PE investment management team has been actively involved in the management of major government “guidance funds” and industry M&A fund projects, covering a wide variety of industries ranging from manufacturing, TMT, aviation, culture and healthcare to environmental protection, infrastructure and public services.


Having advised CCB on bond asset management for portfolio wealth management products, CCB International China is fully equipped to provide other professional financial institutions and financial products with liquidity and bond portfolio management services. The value of our consulting services lies in our ability of assisting clients with investment research, credit rating, investment and transaction management operations.

Financial consulting

CCB International China has a professional financial consulting team dedicated to developing integrated corporate financing solutions. Leveraging the parent company’s diversified financial conglomerate business platform, the team has a broad range of funding channels and capital market financial tools at its disposal, enabling it to provide various investment consulting services related to market research, trading opportunities, deal execution and post-acquisition business integration activities.

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